License FAQ

Pricing is in the currency displayed, and is subject to change without notice. For international orders, the customer shall be deemed the importer for all purposes, and shall be responsible for all customs duties and clearance charges. The customer shall also be responsible for all other duties, levies, or government fees or taxes now in force or enacted in the future including, for example, any value-added taxes.
Product licenses are perpetual, and are applicable per user; a license is required for each individual person using the product. When calculating license requirements, the overall number of users is applicable, not concurrent users.
Support & maintenance coverage is the period of time during which you are entitled to upgrade to newer versions of the product, and receive technical support. Whilst coverage is active, the following benefits apply:
  • Priority email technical support
  • Access to product packages and related documentation from our website
  • All maintenance and new releases of the covered software product at no additional cost
  • The ability to purchase additional licensed copies of the covered software at the original price point
All commercial licenses come with six (6) months of support & maintenance coverage at no additional cost. An additional six (6) months, making for a total of twelve (12) months, is applicable to all purchases of 1000 or more licenses. Once the support & maintenance coverage expires, there are no recurring costs and the product will continue to function. You simply lose access to the benefits active support & maintenance provided. Support & maintenance can be renewed at any time, with a minimum purchase of twelve (12) months for all licenses based on current pricing.